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Facebook are loaded! Quarterly profits reported at $3.89 Billion

Having just reported their quarterly profit numbers - 71% up from last year, Facebook's profit for the second quarter of this year is around $3.9 Billion (£3 Billion).   The increase is said to be based mainly on mobile video advertisements. Facebook shares have also reached an all-time high with revenue reported at $9.32 Billion…
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KODI – A Guided Tour

This is a quick update to my original post on Kodi back in July. Kodi released their latest software version in November (Kodi Krypton 17.6) which has a number of interface changes.  When it comes to add-ons, another significant change which has phased in gradually is the EXODUS add-on being superseded by COVENANT.  Exodus is still accessible…
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Useful Apps….and they’re free, free, free!

There are loads of free apps available for mobile phones and tablets on the Android and iOS (Apple) platforms.  Some are great and we wonder how we got by without them in the past and some are so lame we wonder why we bothered installing them in the first place.  I tend to make sure…
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Apple iOS Update Coming Soon

Apple Inc have announced the release of their updated iOS software for the iPhone and iPad.  iOS 11 was recently unveiled along with new models of the iPad and their offering in the smart speaker market – HOMEPOD. The software update has lots of new features including photo editing enhancements, more functionality in file and…
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Mobile Roaming Charges Ceased in the EU

Roaming charges for member countries of the EU have finally been scrapped.  Under a new law, EU citizens travelling in Europe no longer have to pay massive mobile phone data roaming charges or extra for making calls and sending texts. Previously you could go abroad and innocently leave mobile data active on your mobile phone…
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Windows 10 – Love it or hate it? Here’s a few handy tips

Install Windows updates when it suits you (sir) Windows 10 is designed so that you have to accept software updates to the operating system when you are told to.  There is the option available to change the install time and delay for up to six days later.  Follow these steps: Open the Start menu Goto…
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Cloud Computing….What’s it all about then?

I first wrote this article in 2013.  It's basically my take on the concept of cloud computing and what it actually is.  It's a bit long but I hope you enjoy it.   Are we witnessing a boom industry without realizing it?  Quite possibly.  Cloud computing has over recent years become the next big thing,…
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