Apple iOS Update Coming Soon

Apple Inc have announced the release of their updated iOS software for the iPhone and iPad. 

iOS 11 was recently unveiled along with new models of the iPad and their offering in the smart speaker market – HOMEPOD.

The software update has lots of new features including photo editing enhancements, more functionality in file and document management and an update to the camera software reducing storage space taken up by photos and videos on devices.

The update’s final version is due out September 2017.  The beta/test version is available now for the privileged few enrolled on Apple's developer programme and who like to test Apple products ahead of everyone else because they just can’t wait (whoopee-do!). 

iOS 11 should mostly benefit iPad users as it provides some similar functionality to that of a standard PC or laptop including drag and drop for moving files.

Although iOS 11 is free, it will only be available on 5th generation or later iPad models, iPad mini 2 or later and all iPad Pro models.  For iPhone users, it will only be available for iPhone 5 or later.  Users with older Apple devices will still be fine but they obviously won’t benefit from the new features.

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