Facebook are loaded! Quarterly profits reported at $3.89 Billion

Having just reported their quarterly profit numbers - 71% up from last year, Facebook's profit for the second quarter of this year is around $3.9 Billion (£3 Billion).   The increase is said to be based mainly on mobile video advertisements.

Facebook shares have also reached an all-time high with revenue reported at $9.32 Billion up 44% from last year.

Around 2 Billion of us use Facebook and that’s a lot considering there are 7.5 Billion people in total on the planet!

The money Facebook has made from mobile advertising has accounted for 87% of their total advertising revenues in the last financial quarter.

Mobile video adverts appear on phones and tablets in Google search results, usually first in the queue at the top or on the right hand side of the page.  Businesses pay a lot of money for video advertising in this space because it is so powerful and Google is so heavily used in the consumer world.  The money is made from targeted ads that relate to the search.  Since Facebook include these ads in their news feeds, they have cashed in massively by getting paid for the advertising.

My hope is that one-day Digital Speak will become so popular, I’ll be able to use Google mobile ads to become so rich and be able to run naked through a purposely built warehouse filled with fifty pound notes.  Oh well...

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