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Online Video editors are an alternative to installing software for making an editing video footage.  With the explosion of social media and video clip sharing,  home-made videos are more popular than ever before.  With a reliable internet connection, there are a number of websites where you can upload photos and video footage and do the…
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Popular Website Tweaks & Fixes

Turn-off Amazon suggestion emails I used to be a fan of Amazon until the relationship hit a few bumps in the road.  After almost being duped into signing up to Amazon Prime without actually asking to was the last straw.  One of my biggest ‘other’ gripes with Amazon was their email pushes which are based…
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Cloud backup is becoming more and more popular at the moment taking away the need to save your files to either an external hard drive device or online storage services such as Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive (both of which I happen to use).  The backups can happen automatically in the background and if you have…
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Uber users in the UK will soon be able to add a tip to the taxi bill for the driver and be subject to waiting charges if they take too long about it. The american car transportation (taxi) and food delivery service was founded in 2009 and now operates in 633 cities around the world. …
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VODAFONE SMART N8 – Product Review

This is a budget smartphone priced under £100 and an upgrade to the Vodafone Android Smart Prime 7.  Coming out at the top of its league, Vodafone's latest Smartphone is highly rated and priced around £85 (at the time of writing). The handset's casing comes in classy colours including Gold and Graphite has the look…
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WINDOWS 10 update coming soon

World dominating James-Bond-Villain-Like organisation/technology corporation, Microsoft are planning to release the next major update to Windows 10 in October 2017.  Known as the Fall Creators Update and codenamed Redstone 3, it's rumoured to include a new app called Story Remix for editing and adding images and video clips together to produce tailored ‘stories’.  Also included…
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