Uber users in the UK will soon be able to add a tip to the taxi bill for the driver and be subject to waiting charges if they take too long about it.

The american car transportation (taxi) and food delivery service was founded in 2009 and now operates in 633 cities around the world.  The app software allows the passenger to book and pay for the journey via the mobile app linked to the driver’s smartphone and sat nav.  An upfront price/quote is given and debited from the customer’s bank account once the journey is complete.

As well as having some long running dispute issues over driver’s labour rights, Uber have grown massively in popularity while having their fair share of setbacks. 

 The proposed changes include:

·       Waiting charges of 20p per minute if passengers keep the driver hanging around for more than two minutes

·       Cancellation charges applicable from two minutes instead of the current five-minute grace period

·       Driver to have ability to control the trips booked

·       The option to tip the driver added to the app

·       Performance/rating of the driver to be fairer if passenger’s give a low score because the app has failed

These changes aren’t major advantages for the passenger but I guess they show Uber are managing their business more closely on the road to improving.  As a user myself the service is great when it works and can be very efficient.   When it doesn’t work it can be frustrating.  The app can be unreliable at times resulting in delays with bookings or cancelled trips.  For me it’s been about a 50/50 success rate of being able or not able to get a cab with Uber depending on my location or available drivers.

Have you had good/bad experiences with Uber? 

Let me know by leaving a reply below.

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