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What’s the KRACK? It’s a Wi-fi security vulnerability, since you ask

A design flaw has recently been found in a widely used wireless network security protocol which makes it possible for cyber criminals/hackers to access password protected Wi-fi networks and potentially access the data.  KRACK (or Key Reinstallation Attack) targets Wi-fi Protected Access Protocol (WPA2, also known as WPA2-PSK (Pre-shared Key). Wi-fi protocols all form part…
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Bad Rabbit Ransomware

They're at it again.  This time another strain of Ransomware has struck Russia and the Ukraine. The BBC reported on 25th October this new type of malware has affected websites, an airport and an underground station in Russia.  Known as 'Bad Rabbit' and similar to the WannaCry and Petya attacks, parts of Turkey and Germany…
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ANDROID – A Guided Tour

Unless you have an iPhone or an iPad, your smartphone or tablet these days is likely to be running on an Android mobile operating system. So, what is it then? Developed and owned by Google, Android is a very popular mobile device operating system designed mainly for touchscreen mobile devices.  They were also the first…
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MUSIC STREAMING is here to stay!

The music streaming age is already here!  Or at least it is if you have a stable internet connection or phone signal. I’m a big fan of music streaming and the fact we’re almost completely done with physical media as in CDs.  In my day, we listened to vinyl records, then cassette tapes, then compact…
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Microsoft announced today on Twitter that development of new features for their mobile phone operating system Windows 10 Mobile will no longer continue.  Designed for smartphones, Windows 10 Mobile replaced its successors, Windows Phone and Windows Phone 8.1 back in 2015.  The Microsoft Lumia brand also came about in 2015.  Lumia first appeared in 2011,…
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LENOVO YOGA 510 – Product Review

The Lenovo Yoga 510 (14” screen) 2-in-1 laptop/tablet is lightweight, fast and effective for everyday usage.  I was recently in the market for a new laptop and the LENOVO YOGA series came highly recommended.  Lenovo are a Chinese brand, around since the 1980’s developing PC, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, servers and storage devices.  They grew…
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