Bad Rabbit Ransomware

They're at it again.  This time another strain of Ransomware has struck Russia and the Ukraine.

The BBC reported on 25th October this new type of malware has affected websites, an airport and an underground station in Russia.  Known as 'Bad Rabbit' and similar to the WannaCry and Petya attacks, parts of Turkey and Germany are also said to be hit.

It manifests itself and is distributed through an Adobe Flash update.  Apparently, it generates tasks in Windows with names associated to them - Drogon and Rhaegal from Game of Thrones!

At least we know these cyber criminals watch quality TV.

Cyber criminals are out there so we all need to be vigilant and stay safe online.  Malicious attacks are on the increase and big corporations and business are the primary targets.  As home users, we also still need to make sure we're protected.

As a reminder, below are the steps to take to stay safe online.

  • Don't install suspect software or other unknown programmes from the internet or from unsolicited emails
  • Check that websites are secure, e.g. a URL begins with https
  • Use varied passwords or a password manager for different online accounts – if one is compromised at least your others are still protected
  • Never provide personal or financial information through a website unless you typed in the web address yourself
  • Change passwords regularly and if you suspect your password has been compromised change it immediately
  • Don’t give out your password to anyone or leave it written down on display
  • If an email looks dodgy, do not click on any links
  • Take care with links in web-based email
  • In this situation, open a new browser session and go to the actual website
  • Note, reputable businesses do not send unsolicited emails asking you to provide sensitive information

Also see my previous post Ransomware Explained for more information.



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