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TOP FIVE – Maps & Navigation apps

Using an online map, satnav (Satellite Navigation) or navigation app is pretty much the norm these days instead of pulling out a copy of the A-Z.   Whether we’re in the car, using public transport or on foot, we rely quite heavily now on this technology even more so.     Having an app installed on your smartphone showing…
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The new iPhone X – Product Review

Apple have released the latest model in their iPhone range - the iPhone X (or iPhone 10). It's very slick, high spec, has lots of improved features after undergoing a redesign compared to the last few iPhone models.  The Apple brand and quality speak for themselves and the price is a stark reminder at a…
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Ofcom gets tough on Broadband speed

Internet broadband speeds offered by ISPs (Internet service providers) can be a bit misleading.  Packages on offer sometimes look better than they are as well as having hidden contractual tie-ins where customers end up paying penalties when ending a contract early.   The good news is that Ofcom, the UK communications regulator have again started to get…
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Are we being overcharged by mobile phone companies?

The big mobile phone operators (EE, Vodafone and Three) have been outed by consumer rights group, Citizens Advice for over-charging their customers in contracts for handsets once they have finished paying for them.   Citizens Advice (formerly the Citizens Advice Bureau) is a network of over 300 charities in the UK designed to help and protect the everyday consumer.…
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WHATSAPP all the fuss about?

It's all about Instant Messaging! Instant messaging seems to have become even more popular than text messaging.  You would be hard pressed not to have heard of WHATSAPP, even if you don’t use it. So, what is WHATSAPP?  It’s basically a cross platform free instant messaging service (app) for smartphones that has grown massively in…
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