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Amazon Echo (2017 version) Product Review

Amazon have released the 2nd generation version of their popular Amazon Echo smart speaker.  I reviewed the Google Home smart speaker back in June, it's main rival in this growing market.  It only seemed fair that Amazon Echo had an impartial review on Digital Speak also.   Amazon Echo is a smart speaker with the…
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Depending on your needs, there are a range of different types of headphones with a range of prices.  This post covers the different types available and provides a few tips on what to look for when buying.     Like most consumer goods, you normally get what you pay for and headphones can start at…
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CGI in movies – How does it work?

picture: As a self confessed movie buff and technology geek, my interest in films and technology go hand in hand.  CGI (Computer Generated Integration) now comes as standard in a lot of mainstream film and TV.  From visual effects such as sunlight coming through a window to large scale planetary destruction or a giant…
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