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What is a VPN?

This week's guest post was kindly provided by Alex Grant of  Alex is a location-independent (digital nomad) product manager who specialises in VPN (Virtual Private Network) and security technologies.   Read on for some interesting advice on this growing demand in the consumer market. Have you ever found yourself locked out of your TV shows just…
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SMART HOME Products – A Guided Tour

Our everyday lives are affected more and more by smart technology these days.  'Smart' connected products and devices in the home are often mentioned on Digital Speak so it warrants some further explanation. Plus my next door neighbour, Mark asked me to write about this to help him choose the right product.    Smart device is…
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CGI in movies – How does it work?

picture: As a self confessed movie buff and technology geek, my interest in films and technology go hand in hand.  CGI (Computer Generated Integration) now comes as standard in a lot of mainstream film and TV.  From visual effects such as sunlight coming through a window to large scale planetary destruction or a giant…
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ANDROID – A Guided Tour

Unless you have an iPhone or an iPad, your smartphone or tablet these days is likely to be running on an Android mobile operating system. So, what is it then? Developed and owned by Google, Android is a very popular mobile device operating system designed mainly for touchscreen mobile devices.  They were also the first…
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MUSIC STREAMING is here to stay!

The music streaming age is already here!  Or at least it is if you have a stable internet connection or phone signal. I’m a big fan of music streaming and the fact we’re almost completely done with physical media as in CDs.  In my day, we listened to vinyl records, then cassette tapes, then compact…
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Ransomware – Explained!

There’s been a lot of coverage in the news of the steady increase in cyber-crime and Ransomware attacks in the UK when the NHS came under attack back in March and more recently again in August in Scotland. The Wannacry cyber-attack earlier this year was a form of Ransomware which impacted over 200,000 organisations in…
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KODI – A Guided Tour

This is a quick update to my original post on Kodi back in July. Kodi released their latest software version in November (Kodi Krypton 17.6) which has a number of interface changes.  When it comes to add-ons, another significant change which has phased in gradually is the EXODUS add-on being superseded by COVENANT.  Exodus is still accessible…
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Cloud Computing….What’s it all about then?

I first wrote this article in 2013.  It's basically my take on the concept of cloud computing and what it actually is.  It's a bit long but I hope you enjoy it.   Are we witnessing a boom industry without realizing it?  Quite possibly.  Cloud computing has over recent years become the next big thing,…
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