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Samsung Galaxy Book – Product Review

  Hybrid tablet/laptops have become popular recently as they offer a combination of both a tablet and laptop if you're into accessing everything you need on move or just anywhere around the home.   The Samsung Galaxy Book is one of the newest versions from Samsung following the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S.   It runs the Windows…
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Free Photo Editing Apps – best ones reviewed

Digital photos are great but they tend to stay of sight out of mind stored away somewhere unlike actual prints where they are either mounted on the wall in a frame or in a nice album. I tend to take lots of family photos, store them away and not really do  much else with them…
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Amazon Echo (2017 version) Product Review

Amazon have released the 2nd generation version of their popular Amazon Echo smart speaker.  I reviewed the Google Home smart speaker back in June, it's main rival in this growing market.  It only seemed fair that Amazon Echo had an impartial review on Digital Speak also.   Amazon Echo is a smart speaker with the…
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The new iPhone X – Product Review

Apple have released the latest model in their iPhone range - the iPhone X (or iPhone 10). It's very slick, high spec, has lots of improved features after undergoing a redesign compared to the last few iPhone models.  The Apple brand and quality speak for themselves and the price is a stark reminder at a…
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LENOVO YOGA 510 – Product Review

The Lenovo Yoga 510 (14” screen) 2-in-1 laptop/tablet is lightweight, fast and effective for everyday usage.  I was recently in the market for a new laptop and the LENOVO YOGA series came highly recommended.  Lenovo are a Chinese brand, around since the 1980’s developing PC, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, servers and storage devices.  They grew…
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Online Video editors are an alternative to installing software for making an editing video footage.  With the explosion of social media and video clip sharing,  home-made videos are more popular than ever before.  With a reliable internet connection, there are a number of websites where you can upload photos and video footage and do the…
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VODAFONE SMART N8 – Product Review

This is a budget smartphone priced under £100 and an upgrade to the Vodafone Android Smart Prime 7.  Coming out at the top of its league, Vodafone's latest Smartphone is highly rated and priced around £85 (at the time of writing). The handset's casing comes in classy colours including Gold and Graphite has the look…
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GOOGLE HOME – Product Review

The voice controlled smart speaker market is really taking off and Google have jumped on the band wagon and brought out GOOGLE HOME.  Amazon's rival product 'Echo' which came out in 2015 still holds the top spot. Smart assistants or virtual assistants such as Apple Suri, Google Assistant or Windows Cortana are basically a form…
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BT WHOLE HOME WI-FI – Product Review

BT WHOLE HOME is a multi box wireless MESH router which provides a stable Wi-Fi signal around your property and removes dead spots. It creates its own Wi-Fi network ignoring your existing network.  This isn’t exactly an issue but a workaround for this would be to disable Wi-Fi on your existing router.  Priced at around…
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