Technical Glossary

The Technical Glossary page on Digital Speak is still a work in progress and designed to help provide the explanation behind some of the terms or acronyms that pop up on the blog.  Most of the entries are linked to a useful website called TechTerms and some are linked to

The list is not exhaustive and will grow with the posts.  If I’ve missed any terms that are in the blog posts but not in glossary and should be, please let me know.

It's updated regularly to keep up with the contents of the posts.

Add-on An update designed to increase a computer’s or software’s capability
Adobe Flash Multimedia software platform
ADSL Asymmetric digital subscriber line
AES Advanced Encryption Standard, a specification for encryption of electronic data
Algorithm A set of instructions designed to perform a specific task.
Amazon World’s largest online retailer founded in 1994
AMD Advanced Micro Devices – American multi-national semiconductor company producing computer processor
AMOLED Active matrix organic light emitting diode
Android Mobile operating system developed by Google
Anti-virus Software designed to detect and/or remove computer viruses or malicious software
Apple Inc American multinational technology company
ARM British company formerly Advanced RISC Machine, produces computer processors
Bad Rabbit A form of Ransomware
Bit Binary digit.  Smallest unit of measure of computer data
Bitcoin Digital currency existing online only
Block Chain Blockchain is a list of records of computer codes used to validate cryptocurrency
Blog Weblog
Bluetooth Short range wireless technology
Bot Software application that runs automated tasks over the internet
botnet A network of computer running multiple bots linked by malware
Broadband High speed internet access constantly connected
Byte Binary digits grouped to make a unit measure of memory size
Cache In computing terms, a hardware of software component that stores data
Chrome Freeware web browser developed by Google
CPU Central Processing Unit
Crypto jacking The use of malware spread to websites designed to mine data from computer using it’s processing power without permission
Cryptocurrency Digital or virtual currency available online
Cryptography Protecting information and converting it to a secure format
Cyber Security Technologies, processes and controls designed to protect systems from cyber attack
Data Mining Discovery of patterns in large data sets within data bases
DDoS Distributed Denial of Service attack.  Intentional flooding of a network simultaneously from multiple sources
DoS Denial of Service attack. Single source or computer designed to flood multiple targeted resources or computers
Download To receive data from a remote system such as a server then saved to the receiving source
DRM Digital rights management
Duel-band A telecommunications device (e.g. mobile phone) supporting multiple radio frequency bands
eBay Multinational eCommerce corporation hosting online buying/selling or consumer goods founded in 1995
Ethernet A link layer protocol for connecting devices through TCP/IP
Facebook Social media and social networking service founded in 2004
Gbps Gigabits per second
Gigabit 1 Million Bits.  Used for measuring data transfer rates
Gigabyte A unit measure of data or 1000 megabytes.  Used for measuring computer storage capacity
GMail Free email service developed by Google
Google Multinational technology organisation based on its internet search engine and internet related services and products
GPS Global Positioning System
Hacker Someone who gains unauthorised access to computers or data
HD High Definition
HDR High Dynamic Range in terms of colour photography
Headphones Small speakers worn around or in the ears connected by wire or wireless
HIVE Trademark for Centrica’s smart home product for control of internet connected devices including thermostats, lights and electrical appliances
HP Hewlit Packard
HSL Hues, Saturation and Luminance in terms of colour photography
HSV Hues, Saturation and Value in terms of colour photography
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
ICO Initial Coin Offering
IEEE.802.11 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – Wi-fi standards
In-app purchase Additional paid-for features and add-ons within a free app or game
Intel Intel Corporation – American multi-national company producing computer processor
Internet The global world wide web connecting computers and servers through high bandwidth data connectivity
iOS Operating system manufactured by Apple Inc for mobile devices
IOT Internet of Things
ISP Internet Service Provider
Jail breaking Removal of software restrictions to access or exploit an operating system or application usually in IOS
Krack Key Reinstallation Attack, a Wi-fi security vulnerability
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LED Light emitting diode
LinkedIn Business and employment social networking service founded in 2002
Linux Open source operating system modelled on UNIX
MAC (as in Apple) Brand and trademark of computers manufactured by Apple Inc
Malware Malicious software
Mbps Megabits per second
Media Player Software that plays digital media (Music or video)
Megabyte A unit measure of data or 1048 bytes
Microsoft American multi-national technology company manufacturing, developing and support software licences
Mini-Computer Class of smaller computer developed in the 1960s
Ofcom UK communications regulator
Open Source Software where it’s source code is made freely available on the internet or other means
Operating System Low level software that handles a computer’s basic functions
P2P Peer to Peer network communication
Paywall Restricts access to internet content via a paid for subscription service
Petabyte 1000 Terabytes.  Used for measuring computer storage capacity
Phishing Fraudulent email distribution designed to obtain personal data from recipients
Plug & Play In computing a device that can be automatically enabled without the need for manual configuration by the user
Ransomware Malicious software intended to block or encrypt files or data in return for financial payment
RGB Red, Green, Blue – the three hues of light that can mix together to form any other colour
satnav Satellite Navigation system
SD Secure Digital or Standard Definition
Search Engine A program that searches for items in a data base using titles, keywords and characters
Smart Home Automation A smart home or house incorporates technology and advanced automation to provide monitoring and control of basic functions.
Spoofing A fraudulent type of communication sent from an unknown source disguised and a source known to the user e.g. email
Streaming Multimedia data constantly received and presented to the user without being saved or downloaded
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol.  A set of communication protocols used on the internet
Terabyte 1000 Gigabytes.  Used for measuring computer storage capacity
Trojan Malicious computer program designed to mislead and install unwanted software
Twitter Social networking and online news service founded in 2006
UNIX Operating system first developed by Bell labs in 1969
Upload To send data from to remote system such as a server then saved to the receiving source
URL Uniform Resource Locator.  Signifies the address or location of a website on the internet
USB Universal Serial Bus. Cable connection type for communication protocols
Virus Malicious software program (Malware) designed to copy itself and cause damage to multiple computers or devices
VPN Virtual Private Network
Web Browser An application used to access websites
Web Mining Through a web browser, use of patterns in large data sets within data bases
WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy, a wireless security protocol
Wi-Fi Wireless networking technology allowing computers or mobile devices to connect over wireless radio signals
Wiki An information sharing website where users can collaboratively add or modify the content
Windows Microsoft’s popular operating system for desktop and laptops
WMN Wireless mesh network (WMN) is designed to give full Wi-Fi coverage without dead spots


Worm Malware computer program designed to replicate itself and cause damage
WPA Wi-fi Protected Access, a wireless security protocol
WPA2 Wi-fi Protected Access, enhancement to WPA a wireless security protocol
YouTube Video shared website created in 2005.  Bought out by Google in 2006