Social Media – A guided tour (part 2)


Welcome to my second article on all things Social media.

You can also read the original post 8th April 2018 - Social Media -  A guide tour (part 1).

Since Social media is such a wide and popular subject, it seemed right to spread the subject over two posts in order to cover even more and include some of the lesser known social media platforms that serve as good alternatives to the more popular ones.

London based search engine and social media marketing site, provided a list of the most popular social media sites in 2017.


Here's the list:


There are several lessor known social media platforms that act as suitable alternatives.  Here’s a selection of a few of them.



Web and mobile application company founded in 2009.  Mainly for posting and sharing of photos and images to drive concepts, marketing and self-help out on the internet.  Badged as an ‘image based social network’.  Very popular in the US and was reported to have around 200 Million users in 2017.  Although Pinterest is not an advertising board, it does act as a marketing tool for businesses in a way that is not ‘in your face’.  I am a big fan of Pinterest and Digital Speak occupies a small corner of it.  Check it out Digital Speak's Pinterest board here.


This US based platform is all about Social news aggregation and discussion boards.  Founded in 2005 by two University graduates, it has 542 Million users to date.  The name comes from the tag ‘I read it on Reddit’.


Designed for sharing recipes, cooking tips and photos.  This Japanese site has over 2 Million recipes (5000 being from the UK).  Similar to Pinterest and the BBC Food website, this platform allows for interaction between foodies who share their food related stories with a user-friendly interface.



Video shared site founded in 2004 and an anagram of the word ‘movie’.  With over 22 Million registered users, this site has moved toward live streaming with emphasis on high quality, HD content.  Not as big as YouTube but still very popular and a favourite of those in the video making or film industry.


This a social network designed for the local neighbourhood.  First developed in 2011 it uses a local group feature and is much like an online bulletin board where you can buy and sell items and connect with people in your local area, find services such as tradesmen and highlight local issues with traffic.  The venture capital funded site also acquired another social media site in 2017 Street life which itself was a large entity.  The privacy settings for this site have come in question because user’s names and addresses are displayed so strangers can see your details.


Launched back in 2015, this platform is like Instagram where you can post photos, videos and messages along with reviews of books, TV shows and films.  It works in the same way as Facebook in sharing of information but gives the user much more control over how the information is shared to friends and what content can be seen.  Everything is organised chronologically and not using algorithms (unlike Facebook and Instagram).  Also, no adverts!


Another site for connecting and communicating with people in the local area.  Launched in 2010 and provides a gateway for helping neighbours and vice versa by lending or borrowing things.  Or give away items you no longer need.


A social network site based on Blockchain where you can make money from the interactions and participation.  You received rewards through a variant crypto currency called Steem.  Credit is accumulated for votes and comments.

The content is interestingly organised using keyword tags instead of categories.


As this post and my previous post on social media demonstrate, there are a lot of platforms out there that allow people to connect, share and comment and so on.  Social media and businesses are very much tied together these days.  When it comes to social interaction, it’s important to talk to each other and it always will be.  Social media is one way of doing this, but we just need to make sure it doesn’t end up as the only way.

As I mentioned earlier, you can read Social Media – A guided tour (part 1) here.


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