New voice commands for Smart speakers

If you’re using smart speakers or assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home or Apple’s Siri, there are new voice commands being added all the time to enhance the service.  The list below provides some of the latest commands or shortcuts available.

Amazon Echo - Alexa

Amazon Echo - Alexa

Receive daily nutritional advice

“Alexa, help with Special K”.  This enables to Kellogg’s Every Day Nutrition skill.


Play pre-school games

“Alexa, Open CBeebies”.

By enabling the BBC Kids Skill, you can play several different games.


Change Alexa’s settings

By switching on Follow-Up Mode in the Alexa app Settings, she will wait 5 seconds for you to ask another question.


Talk to your car

SEAT cars have built Alexa into the new Ateca and Leon models.  Just like Knight Rider!


Listen to a thunderstorm

“Alexa, open Thunderstorm Sounds”.

This is a popular ambient sound skill at the moment.


Play kids Duplo games

“Alexa, open Lego Duplo Stories”.

This command will open a series of customisable stories based on Duplo brick animals and vehicles.

Google Home

Google Home

Play a Whodunnit game

“Hey Google, talk to Grilled Murder Mystery.”

This starts a mystery game where you can question the suspects.


Buying from Argos

“Hey Google, ask Argos”

This allows you go shop for goods at Argos by selecting items from the website and arranging for them to be reserved ready for collection.


Control a Sony TV

The Sony 4K HDR Sony television has inbuilt Google Assistant so you can use voice commands instead of a remote control.  That’s all very well if you have a Sony TV.  Mine’s LG!


Play Disney games

“Hey Google, play Maui’s Music Game” or “Play Disney Princess”

Good for keeping the kids entertained by accessing several Disney games.


Speak in different languages

"Hey Google, speak in [language]"

Google Assistant allows you to switch between different languages such as English, French or German.


Continued conversation with Google Home

By accessing the Google Assistant app Settings/More Settings/Assistant, you can activate Continued Conversation allowing for additional follow up questions after you have initially said “Hey Google or Ok Google.”


Duo Video calls

“Hey Google, video call [whoever]”.

Google Assistant will call one of your contacts using the Android video-call app Duo.


Have some fun

"Hey Google, tell me about yourself?

"Hey Google, beam me up Scotty"

"Hey Google, who is the real slim shady?"

"Hey Google, tell me a joke"

Apple's Suri

Apple's Suri

Create Siri Shortcuts

You can create a voice command shortcut for apps by tapping ‘Add to Siri’ when you see a suggestion.


Creating and listening to podcasts

Using the new iOS 12 Shortcuts feature, you can sort through and listen to various podcasts.


Language translator

“Hey Siri, how do I say [put the kettle on] in [Mandarin]?"

Siri can translate various languages from English (French, German, Italian, Spanish and Mandarin).


Make a bank transfer

“Siri, pay [whoever] £10 with First Direct”.  If you bank with First Direct, you can set up payees and make payments.


Using low-power mode

If you’re using the latest iOS version 12 on your iPhone or iPad, you can still call Siri if it’s running in low power mode.


Weather forecasts

“Hey Siri, what’s the weather (or temperature) like outside?”

Siri can tell you what today’s weather is like as well as give a forecast for the week ahead.


Quick conversions

“Hey Siri, convert 10 pounds sterling and US Dollars”

“Hey Siri, convert 6 feet to metres and centimetres”

Suri can also perform quick currency or metric conversions such as inches to centimetres or miles to kilometres.

For  more information or a full list of voice commands for the smart speakers covered in this post,  go to the device's app or better still the website.



Amazon Echo website

Alexa Skills



Goggle Home website

Google Home list of commands




Homepod website

Suri shortcuts




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