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Here’s a roundup of some new apps available at the moment.


BestCrypt Explorer

Platform: Android

This handy free app is a file management tool that lets you store documents, photos, videos, sensitive files etc in a safe place using encryption.  If the worst should happen and lose your device this extra protection means that no one will be able to hack into your device and access files.



Platform: IOS 12

As part of the IOS12 update, Apple rolled out some new tools and updates.  SHORTCUTS was one of them, which is an app that lets you create shortcuts (unbelievably), and automation.  Designed to make long-winded or complex tasks simple by completing them in one click.  Or simply for completing everyday tasks like reminders and creating shopping lists, directions.  The app has a few ready-made shortcuts that can be enabled or customised.  You can also create your own within the Library feature.



Platform: Android 4.4

IOS: 10

The smart assistant app for Google Home has recently been updated and includes better access to all your smart devices


CBeebies Get Creative

Platform: Android 5 and IOS 9

Aimed at keeping the younger children occupied, this app from the BBC includes familiar characters from CBeebies lets your kids create, digitally paint and draw pictures, create music and much more.  Hours of fun.


Adobe Premiere Rush CC

Platform: IOS 11

This new video editing app designed more for mobile devices stems from the more advanced Adobe professional desktop editing suite, Premiere CC.  It has a number of advanced editing tools including customisable titles, colour correction and multi-track timeline.  The paid for version at a hefty £8.99 a month unlocks a load more features and cloud storage.



Platform: Android 5

IOS: 11

This app is mainly for use on GPS devices especially if you’re into outdoor trekking, running, biking or walking holidays.  The updates include downloadable maps, aerial photos, topography and access to the information while you’re offline and can’t get a signal.

Platform: Android 5

Nice and simple to-do lists can be created in this free app.  Also includes reminders for tasks with a simple ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘when’ format with three taps, which is where its name comes from.  Still in its early stages of development, while the paid-for Pro version is £11.99 a month


Apolo Launcher

Platform: Android 5

The Android-based launcher allows you to re-style how your apps are launched on your device and includes some handy widgets such as navigation tools and 3D weather apps.



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