Hello and welcome to my blog - Digital Speak!

My name is Craig Rogers by the way.

I’m an IT Operations Manager with 20 years experience in the IT services industry.  I’ve worked in network engineering, project management and people management among other things.

I’m fascinated by technology and the fast paced Information Age.  From technology in the form of gadgets to keeping up to speed with where the industry is going.

Why Read this blog?

Why indeed.

If like me you either spend alot of free time online and use technology as an integral part of your life, you’ll know it’s easy to get bogged down in the technical jargon and not know which products, apps or software are the right ones to choose.

You can find out just about ‘anything’ on any subject by simply searching the vast expanse of the internet but sometimes end up back where you started without the right answer.

Digital Speak offers it's readers a single place to visit either for light reading, reference or to have a glimpse into what’s happening in the world of information technology in the digital age.